We are Shirleen and Shaun, the founders of Candy Crave and life-long candy lovers. Our first foray into the candy business was about three years ago when we launched Candy Experience, a monthly candy subscription box serving Canada. While it’s been very successful, it has a couple of shortcomings: it goes out once a month, but many people want to be able to order candy any day of the month, choose what they want in their order, and receive it quickly.

To create a more personalized candy experience, the idea of Candy Crave, an online gourmet candy store, was born. We wanted our focus to be on gourmet candies that are not available in Canada on an everyday basis. If we had to put our concept and mission into one sentence, it would be “For the candy you already love, and the candy you don’t know you love.” It’s a long slogan, but it says it best!

We’re not going to carry “all of the candy,” but candies and chocolates that we feel appeal to an audience of discriminating candy lovers. Instead of thousands of different kinds of candy, you can get almost anywhere; we’re focusing on 180-200 types and flavours of candy and chocolate, including some you’ll recognize and many that you haven’t tried before. They’ll all have one thing in common: they are delicious!

Join us and start your sweet (and sour) adventure with Candy Crave, Canada’s most unique online gourmet candy store.